Training for longevity, vitality and energy starts with your posture!

New 5 Day Posture & Nutrition Challenge

Become your own SUPERHERO

The SUPERHERO Method is a series of movements that optimize your body’s ability to heal, recover, prevent injury and improve performance.

The #1 fitness method will prevent injury, strengthen your body, correct your posture & give you more energy and power!


Jaclyn has condensed over 14 years of fitness & health experience & Knowledge to save you time and get the desired results.




—Meet Jaclyn


Jaclyn's mission is to show you how to move your body with ease, improve posture, eliminate pain and improve performance to do what you love longer.

The foundation of Jaclyn's method was created from her experience over the last 14 years working along side of chiropractors, therapists and doctors to heal patients through correct movements patterns by resetting the neurological connect from our brain to our body.

Our body is a gift and your workouts celebrate what your body can do. Exercise is a form of self care that is a major pillar in our overall health.

Let’s work together to give your body the balance, alignment and strength it needs to move well!


Alex Appel

"What I find unique about working with Jaclyn is her attention to detail and ability to adapt to how I am feeling."

Robert Talasman

"As someone who’s dealt with daily pain for two decades, I had pretty much succumbed to my situation."

Sharon McRae

"Jaclyn was gracious enough to do some hour-long zoom meetups with my group (Eat Well Stay Well Whole Food Plant-Based Meetup Group)"

Jaclyn Willms Health

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