Get the booty of your dreams with the Triple B's

Bodyweight, Bands ( & Barbells )


In only 12 weeks you will see, feel and notice a difference in the shape, firmness & strength of your booty!  

In this program, you will progress through 3 major phases.


These phases are the building blocks to creating a toned, peachy butt that not only looks sexy but helps protect your low back, spine and improves your posture and alignment.

These foundational phases are often overlooked, causing you to miss out on the results you desire the most.
I have condensed 15 years of knowledge and experience into 12 weeks of saving you time and money.

I know what it's like to have a goal and not have a direct plan on how to get there, so I have created this just for you, a solid & juicy booty building solution. 
If you have been struggling with not seeing the results you want but have been afraid of hurting your back or simply don't have a proper plan in place, then secure your spot now!

How does the 12-week program work?

Each month we will progress to a new phase that will create more muscle memory, smoother movements, and of course, a bigger, perkier peachy-looking BUTT.

You will get personalized programming as we work through these live sessions together.


If you can't make the live session, you will receive the recording in your email as soon as the session ends.

What to expect week to week?

We will meet 2x a week for LIVE training workout sessions.

These 3 months will set you up to move correctly and have a deep understanding of how your body moves so you can maintain or continue to progress your booty gains after the 12 weeks. 

If your goal is to use light weights or heavy barbells by the end of the 12 week's you will have all the cues and techniques to make you successful now and forever when it comes to how your body moves for optimal performance. 
You will have full access to all the live recorded sessions in an ebook you can use for up to a year later. 

Each week you can practice what we learned the week before by rewatching the recordings.


I can't wait to start training with you and most of all I can't want to see you walk out of this program. (no pun intended)

I will be with you every single step of the way. You will have a personal trainer and movement specialist who is just a text message away if you run into any questions or concerns over the duration of the 12 weeks. 

This is your chance to have a personal trainer for a fraction of the price and get a sexy peachy booty that not only looks good but is going to protect your low back and spine for life!