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Outcomes of the 5-day Posture Challenge:

  • Leaner physique

  • Mental clarity

  • Increased energy

  • Release tension in the body

  • Improved performance

  • Increase blood flow, circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Better breathing

  • Feel more confident

  • Better digestion

  • Fewer headaches

  • Injury Prevention

During these 5-days, you will rejuvenate your entire physiology to feel & look your best!

Why the Posture Challenge?

Enhancing your body’s natural curves to make your booty look more prominent, your abs look flatter and make every single breath you take feel better while supplying your body with more blood flow and oxygen to prevent disease and increase focus with less than 2 minutes of movements each day.


 Hosted By Jaclyn Willms

Personal Trainer & Posture Therapist

Jaclyn has been a Personal Trainer for 14 years and saw how incredibly impactful correcting posture was on individuals' lives! Improving posture connects our body's ability to our breath, creating a sense of grounding and feeling centred. Resulting in reduced stress and improved productivity during the day, sleep at night, digesting your food and healing. 

Jaclyn loves helping people like you see faster results, if not instantly when you enhance your posture. Jaclyn became a posture therapist with her mission to show the world they do not need to hold pain or stiffness in their body. She helped hundreds of individuals turn their physical pain into their greatest strength!

What do you get?

How the Posture Challenge will enhance your life…

  • If you sit for 4+ hours in the day offsetting this position to create muscle balance throughout your body is essential for optimal blood flow, lymphatic drainage, flexibility and function of the muscles, reducing the risk of injury, neurological connections and moving energy through the body.

  • If you have plateaued at the gym and workouts, improving your posture will improve your results.

  • If you travel a lot or don’t have time to get in a workout, taking time throughout your entire day to be mindful of your alignment and posture will keep your body in balance, reduce the risk of injury and, in some cases, weight gain.

  • If your body moves in alignment and balance, it can function better in every way!