Jaclyn graduated from Fitness & Health at Niagara College then opened her own Personal Training Studio a couple years later in 2013 with the dream to help heal her community. Creating a safe place for individuals to come & learn how to move, the gym began to grow.

Jaclyn's passion is to teach people how to move their bodies correctly so fitness can last a lifetime rather than a ticking time bomb of injuries that we often see when starting a new fitness routine.

Rehab was also a large portion of Jaclyn's practice as she got involved in prehab & post surgery routines. Jaclyn saw hundreds of clients coming through the door leaving pain free, in better posture, standing up taller, moving more smoothly & with ease. She then expanded her studio space adding in a smoothie bar with healthy food items to create a one-stop wellness shop. 

Jaclyn's journey still didn't stop there, she wanted to be able to help more people live pain-free life. She knew what she was teaching had to be shared to the world so she developed an 8-week online program that can be performed anywhere, anytime. 


This entire program includes daily movements that Jaclyn has tweaked and perfected to ensure every single person who wants to be free from limitations & pain will succeed & feel their best! 

Jaclyn can't wait to welcome you to your next chapter of your fitness & health journey and show you what you are capable of!

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David Appel

I have been training for more than 45 years. As a result, I have had many trainers. But by far the best one has been Jaclyn. There are many reasons for this:

1. She is very knowledgeable about everything dealing with physical training. There is a great variety in the exercises she prescribes. As a result, every part of your body benefits and thrives.

2. She has admirable judgment. While always striving to make me improve, she is careful to not make excessive or discouraging demands. The result for me has been continuous improvement.

3. She is always in good humor and has a wonderful sense of humor.

4. Her emphasis on good posture and breathing have improved my life enormously. With good posture I am two inches taller. With proper breathing I am more alert and feel more energetic.

5. She includes many balancing and planking exercises which truly help prevent injuries and improve coordination and perception,

6. I have been so pleased with Jaclyn’s training that I have recommended her to family members. Most of them now train with her.

It’s with no hesitation that I highly recommend Jaclyn.

David, H.

So these days, it's a love-hate relationship that draws me mad sometimes, but I've achieved the level of health & fitness that I never though I would and that's not just a cliché or a lie, it's the truth.

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Bill Bouck

I can't say thank you enough. The one and only Jaclyn got me on the right path. I dropped 14” in my waist, 100lbs and regained my health back in less than a year.  If I ever lost sight of my goal or potential Jaclyn always has my back. If you want to know your potential, I know who you can call and she will always support you. I owe my life to her. Health is wealth.


— Aristotle