I’m so glad you are here. You took the next step in improving your overall fitness & health.

I want to share with you all of my knowledge & tips on how to navigate out of old patterns that caused you pain or discomfort to replace them with new movement patterns for optimal health.

This course will teach you how to move your body better to heal old injuries & avoid pain in your body forever.

Here are all of the areas you will cover in Jaclyn’s Fitness & Health School:

✅ Correct your posture & alignment to improve how you move & relieve pain

✅ Improve stability & mobility to create long-lasting changes in your body

✅ Create a lean physique

✅ Move with confidence & ease

✅ Establish a workout routine to last a lifetime

✅ Boost energy & focus during the day

✅ Meditations, journal prompts to connect your body, mind & soul on this new journey of growth​

Your body was made to move with ease & grace. Jaclyn is going to give you a full

blueprint & library of daily workouts to follow to you know exactly what to do each day. 

When your body moves better, you feel better, live better & show up in the world

with more happiness & confidence.