Welcome to Week 1

MVMT47 Method: Breakdown

Glutes, Core, Upper Body/Posture

In the first week, we are breaking down your body into 3 major components:


1. Functional Glute Movements

2.  Bracing Your Core

3. Upper Body/Proper Posture

Functional Glute Movements

Watch this video to understand the mind to muscle connection and how to utilize your muscle patterns to ensure they are firing consistently.

This will help you to combine the information from the previous slides to build  upon your progress with tactical examples.


This is all about understanding how the foundational movements will allow you to build proper mechanics, and integral alignment throughout your body.


Bracing Your Core

Your core is the central functioning distribution system that will enhance optimal movement throughout your body.

Please take in these videos to understand how you can bring new power and strength to your physiology.