Welcome to Week 2 - Let's Rise!

Each day this week we will begin to build on what we covered in  Week 1 and start to combine multiple muscle groups together.


Ie. Glutes/Core - Core/Posture - Posture/Glutes - Glutes/Core/Posture.


The goal is that your entire body works together in unison, alignment and polarity.

What's Your WHY?

In order to truly ingrain the reasons WHY

you are working towards the changes in your body and mind, you must write it down and feel your potential.


Reasons come first, answers come later.

THIS is your WHY.


The old is over. The new has begun.


Day 1: Glutes & Core

Visualize using your glutes and core working together. Simultaneously think about sending a neurological signal to both muscle groups at the same time to give you optimal strength and stability while protecting your spine.

You must be able to visualize this connection.

Day 2: Upper Body & Posture

Take a minute before we begin to think about your back and posture. Stand up tall with your head up and shoulders back and down. Think about your shoulder blades having full support from your lower traps and rhomboids. As we move through this workout feel your back wrapping around you, protecting you and providing massive support.


Take a look at the visual below to get familiar with the anatomy of your back.

As you work these muscle groups, think about the muscles lengthening and shortening as you move.


Glutes, Core, Upper Body/Posture


Day 3: Full Body Connection

Let's bring it all together! If you want to move differently you must think differently. You need to guide your body where you want it to go. We are entering a dynamic full body day. While working through the next video think about what you have learned:

1. Keep your core braced / Kegel

2. Glutes activated

3. Maintain good posture

Day 4: Full on Core

Ok, let's focus and zone in on our trunk, the center/core of our body.

Core endurance is critical to your overall success, let’s take today and work on it!

There are many layers to your core. So think deep, beyond the surface.

Day 5: Focus on your Glutes

Check in with yourself..


Have you felt your glutes being worked out over the last 12 days?

Your muscles are made up of many muscle fibers.

Let's wake up more of these small fibers today to feel your glutes more activated.

If you felt them 10%, lets try feeling them at 20% today, if you felt them 80% lets

go up to 90%...let’s keep moving forward and keep growing.

Journal Prompt

In your journal, write about how your body is

responding to these workouts.

Where do you feel it most in your body?

What physical breakthroughs have you had?