Welcome to Week 3 - New Movement Patterns

Yes! We are moving forward with every single passing week.

This week we are learning new muscle patterns that will make a massive difference in the way you feel.

These new physical patterns and movements result in a shift in the way we think.

To execute them correctly, we need to initiate a new perspective in our thinking both physically and emotionally.

Your Journey

Write out these commitments in your journal. As you write them out, say them out loud. 


Find time in your daily routine to include this practice. 


If certain commitments resonate with you deeper, make sure to repeat them out loud daily....even several times a day.


Write them on a sticky note, and have them in a visible place. (ie. your bathroom mirror, dash of your car, on your desk, etc).

New Movement this week - Hip Hinge

In this video you will learn how to perform a basic and common movement that the body performs daily...properly.

Here you are going to learn the strongest movement of the body and a movement that we are constantly performing incorrectly each day.

Let's focus on how to hip hinge safely and effectively to achieve the results of a deadlift exercise. Hip hinge is the strongest movement of the body but if it is performed incorrectly, it can have adverse effects on your back.

If you bend from your back and spine to do a hinge, you may be at risk to cause an injury. Learning the hip hinge movement is one of the most important movements you will learn.

And it also works our glutes, core and posture all together!


Day 1: Hinge for Success

Today we are learning how to perform the hip hinge. 


This movement is the base of all of our exercises. Our hip joint is the joint that is the primary mover that achieves this movement. If we don't learn to move from our hips and how to maintain a neutral spine while our body moves, we are compromising our spine with each incorrect movement. When you learn to move from your hips correctly you will not only protect your spine but feel stronger than ever.

Day 2: It's Arm day!

We all want strong and tone arms. How do our arms fit into the principles we are working through?

When working out arms (biceps, triceps, shoulders) we must remember that good posture needs to be maintained.

Here we will learn why strengthening our back, core and glutes are so fundemental for our of our bodys movements.

At the end of the work out, answer this: Did I maintain proper posture through out my entire work out?

Day 3: 47-Minute Full Body Blast

Let's do this! The workout we have all been waiting for.

We love this work out because we get to put everything we have learned into action.

Have some fun and lets sweat together! When the body grows our mind grows.

Day 4: Strengthen the Rapport with your Core

Endurance is the foundation of all progress, if your muscles don't have the ability to stay "turned on" you cannot build strengthen, size or power.

Your muscles will literally turn off once they are tired and begin to create imbalances in your muscle patterns.

Your body is amazing, it will always find a way to make the movements happen and help our tired muscles, it is our job to keep our muscle patterns firing in the proper order.