Welcome to Week 5 - Transformation

This is the start of new way..

Welcome to Part 2 of the program!


Your body is ready! You are ready!

You have primed your body and mind over the past 4 weeks for this phase.

You have built a solid foundation and it’s now time to have some fun in your workouts. Are you ready to take you mind and body to the next level!

This is your first week with 2 x 47 min workouts.


Lets do this! You can do it!

Moving Forward with A New Approach

 If we do what we have always done, we will only get what we always got.

Think about who you are becoming....who you aspire to become.


In your journal, write out 20-30 ‘I am’ statements...

For example: I am healthy, I am vibrant, I am free etc.

If there are more, keep writing.


Don’t limit yourself if you have more affirmations.


Once you’ve written them down, say them out loud. It is important to say them out loud so that your ears can hear the words and your subconscious mind can program these affirmations in your memory and emotional bank.


Day 1: Full Body 47-min Workout

It is time to take your new patterns and put them into action as we move closer to your health and fitness goals.

Today we are pairing the exercises in a dynamic and progressive way to improve your muscles endurance and strength. 


Remember why you started this journey and be thankful for what your body can do today.

Yes it will be challenging and hard but that is the point to move forward into the person you are becoming.

Day 2: Cardio & Core

This workout is fun!

Who doesn't love a little cardio and core combo?

Get your heart pumping and abs working in this fun and super focused session.

Day 3: High Intensity Full body

We are changing things up!

We are moving into interval circuit style movements.

Lets have some fun and play with our body and our bands to allow the movements to flow.

Changing the intensity and frequency we do a move is fundamental in progressing your body's abilities. 

Day 4: Mobility in Motion

Intensity has increased this week which means recovery needs to be a piece of the puzzle when designing the best workout for you. 


This recovery and mobility in motion will leave you feeling light, lean and alive.

The idea that stretches need to be held in place for seconds and minutes on end isn't always the best for your muscles, so we made this unique session that encompasses stretching, mobility and strength. 

Day 5: Full Body 47-min Workout Pt. 2

This is a big step! Your entire week has gone to the next level. 


Today we are working on your full body endurance for long lean muscles that are strong and active in your daily life. Check in on your body, how does it feel? How is it doing? Control your body with your mind, keep the connection strong and open because your physical movements and your mind are one and the same.

Every movement begins with a thought.