Week 6 Phase 2 of Transformation

Change is inevitable

This week marks the start of your journey towards transformation.

We are into the second phase of the program....your body will now recognize your continuous effort.

The new patterns are starting to become innate...

Your body wants to move the way it was intended to move. Once these patterns are reintroduced into your daily movement, it will become second nature.  

Never underestimate small charges done with consistency

To be consistent is a commitment we make to ourselves and others.


It's about keeping our word to carry out what we've agreed to do. Our level of consistency reflects our values and standards. When we're consistent, it means we're doing what's required now to achieve a better outcome in the future.


Being consistent with your daily routines, allows you to be more productive and also reduces the amount of stress on your body and mind.

Here are simple ways to keep consistent in your daily movement routine:

  • Schedule it in your calendar. What is not scheduled, does not get done. 


  • Have an accountability partner. Keep each other on track and motivated to achieve your fitness and health goals.


  • Have a compelling ‘why’....why is movement important to your health, longevity and productivity? Do it for your future-self. Your body will thank you!


  •  Play some music 10-15 minutes prior to your workout and start moving your body by dancing, singing or walking. Energy in motion will create more energy.


Day 1: Focused 47mins

Get pumped up because this is a start of a new week!

When we enter a new week of workouts it is always motivating to focus on the purpose of the week and how it builds on the previous week. It is also fundamental for the next week.


This week will be pivotal to take your energy, your relationships and your productivity to the next level. The start of a new week means growth in our body and mind so we can overcome obstacles with ease and clarity.

When we train our body we train our mind.

Day 2: Cardio & Core

Let's light up our body from the inside out!

Moving through higher intense bursts of cardio moves (at your own pace) has a special energy about it.

You are trusting that your body is going to move in alignment. Be so thankful for your heart and lungs that are able to work harder for you today! Keep smiling because this is the moment you get to enjoy what your body is truly capable of. 

Day 3: High Intensity Full Body

This power session is top notch!

There is no better way mid week workout! Remember why you started this journey...

This is a fundamental piece to the big picture. Let's rock this!

Day 4: Mobility in Motion

Let your body flow freely through this active recovery as we stretch to create muscle pliability and rejuvenate the elasticity of our muscles and joints.

Active stretching will allow your body to feel more free and nimble throughout the day.

Day 5: Full Body Power 47mins

47 minutes is what it is all about...it's like game day!

All of your hard work and training is being put into action during the 47 minute workouts.

Remember 47 minutes the optimal time to workout so turn up the music, get your favourite workout clothes on and let’s move together!