Welcome to Week 7 - Your Evolution

The Journey to Self Mastery

Definition of 'self-mastery'


in British English




the ability to take control of one's life without being blown off course by feelings, urges, circumstances, etc.


Self-mastery is that condition whereby you are the your master of your own mind. You are not a slave to your mind.


Self-mastery is the process of …


Knowing yourself

Creating yourself

Growing yourself

Improving yourself

Transcending yourself

Maintaining yourself

Self-mastery offers freedom, empowerment & transcendence

We all want Freedom. If we truly want freedom, we must do what it takes to live this way...free of judgements, regrets, resentments.


What does self-mastery require?


~ Ownership

~ Open heart

~ Open mind

~ Free spirit

~ Awareness

~ Dedication

~ Discipline

~ Knowledge

~ Practice

~ Learning

~ Courage

~ Self-love


How will you move towards self-mastery and freedom? What will you have to change in order to really feel free and alive?

Repeat the list above out loud and write all the things that come to mind when you hear these words.


Day 1: 1st 47-minute Workout: Full Body

Let's shine! It is the start of a new week and the last phase of the program.

This phase means business. You have worked so hard creating new patterns, strengthening your body and now we are putting these patterns into action. Let's have some fun and strengthen and tone together.

Day 2: 5 minute Energy Booster

With 3 big workout days this week we need to keep our body and mind on track on the "off" days.

This is why we came up with the energy booster work outs! Just enough time to get the blood pumping through your body, increase the oxygen levels! Let’s get ready for an amazing day ahead and keep your state high!

Day 3: 2nd 47-minute Full Body: Control & Coordination

Get focused...today we are going to move, flow and strengthen our entire body. The body was built as one, balanced, unified unit. When we work all the muscle groups together, we create fluidity and move with ease and feel strong throughout our daily life. Although there is a time and place to work your body really hard, we want you to feel strong, stable and full of energy first!

Day 4: 5 minute Energy Booster

It is your new favourite day! Get it, and get out! You can also use these workouts when you are feeling like you need to move your energy, improve your mood and shake up your mental state.

Day 5: 3rd 47-minute Full Body

Today is what makes the needle more forward for you. This is a huge change in the frequency of your workouts.

We added in an additional 47-minute workout this week. Remember, 47 minutes is the optimal time to workout.

So let's work and sweat to take care and reward our body for all the amazing things it does for us.