Welcome to Week 8 - Manifestation of New Patterns

Movement to Manifestation

“Movement to Manifestation” - what does that really mean?


Manifesting means to create, or make clear, beyond a doubt. Movement is simply action or activity. Together they create a powerful 

tool to assist in achieving one’s full potential.


The way we move our body and therefore our energy determines the flow and energy of our emotions, our thoughts and our mental capacity.

When we move our body in a different way, we challenge our mind to think and process information in a differently as well.


If you want different in all aspects of your life, you must think and do differently.

The Power Within You

An invisible force governs you.

An all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-loving force.

I call it Universal Intelligence.

Universal in that it’s present at all times and all places past, present, and future. Intelligence in that it’s pure, all-knowing wisdom.

At all times, and in all places and situations, you have all-knowing and loving wisdom that governs you and your body.

There’s nothing it can’t do. And here’s the best part. It loves you and only works to preserve you.

Connect with the healing power within you.

Universal Intelligence is within you whether you pay attention to it or not, but why not connect with it?


Day 1: 47-minute Workout: Full Body - Strengthen & Tone

You are entering the last week of this program, you have come so far and taken your entire physiology to the next level. 


Today you feel strong! Each workout and week has built you up to this moment. You feel aware of where your body is in space, how to correct the movements if it doesn't feel right. The alignment of your feet, knees, hips, and upper body posture will feel different as you move. 


Energy is flowing through your body making you feel ALIVE.

Day 2: 5-Minute Energy Booster

Stay on track today! 


Add in this 5-minute energy booster anytime throughout your day. If you need a boost when you get out of bed, at lunch or halfway through the day do this quick session.


 Keep your energy high and your creativity flowing.

Day 3: 47-min Workout: Control & Coordination

The ability you have to control your body will compliment your results. 


Have you ever noticed that once you slow things down it gets harder than when you are moving quickly? The same happens in your workouts. These slow and controlled movements and combinations will have you connecting with our exercises to gain more clarity and control over what your body and mind are doing. 


Focus and don't let your mind wander; you may lose control. See you on the floor!

Day 4: 5-minute Energy Blast

Another energy boost day! 


We love these days - why? Because the workout is fast, effective, and fun! This type of energy in a workout will kick start your momentum and circulation throughout your body. These short and sweet workouts fire us up and we want to remind you that this journey is never-ending. 


We need to put in our effort every single day and that is a beautiful gift.

Day 5: 47-minute Workout: Full Body - Let's Have Some Fun!

Ok, this is it! The peak, the finale of the 8-week program.


 Let's look at it this way, this program has turned pain to pleasure, injuries to strengths, unbalanced areas to stability, misaligned to aligned, and showed you what your body needs and what it can do for you! 


Remember that this program is all about moving inflow, with correct form and alignment. When your body is strong and moves with fluidity, so will your mind. 


This is not the end but the beginning of something new! Let's roll!